Where to get advice


Hah-hah. Advice.
The only way you’re going to learn to be a successful entrepreneur is by doing it yourself and learning your lessons the hard way.
Anyone trying to give you advice is not going to know the special circumstances you’re trying to work under, so their advice is irrelevant. It’s more likely that the companies they worked for a) had more investment dollars to work with, b) were a b2b while you’re a b2C, c) were a b2c while you’re a b2b, d) started in a different phase of the economic cycle so everything was easier for them e) weren’t competing with ConHugeCo so everything was easier for them f) had customers who were not as smart as yours so they were easier to market to g) you are inventing a whole new category of service that will change everything.
Face it, ultimately, anyone giving advice probably just has some sort of ulterior motive. So you have to beware and keep your distance.

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