R.I.P. My Startup


Just hit a low point in my career as an entrepreneur. I really wanted to work on this idea I had for an ecommerce site that sells Sneeds for working mothers. But then I found another site doing exactly that already. And then another one. And then I realized that all the Sneeds I would be selling are already available on Amazon.
Clearly there is no opportunity for another Sneed eCommerce website. So my wonderful little startup has failed before it ever got a chance to fly.
In fact, the more I think about it, there is no sense in trying to start any new eCommerce businesses. All the good ideas are taken. Big companies like Target and Walmart are scooping up more and more online shoppers. Those companies, as big as they are, are probably all going to get swallowed up by Amazon themselves. How could a poor little Sneedstore ever hope to make it?

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