Building a Better Budget


Woo-hoo! I’m working on a new idea!

You might not know this about me, but I’ve been a wannapreneur for YEARS. I originally started this blog as a way to sort of goad myself down the road towards entrepreneurship. I figured that if I made myself write about it, I would eventually just do it. That didn’t work out so well. Like an unused gym membership, the blog languished.

But I’ve had some major changes in my life lately that are clearing the way for me to really work on a project. I won’t bore you with the details, but I have recently reached an interesting combination of being unencumbered by fulltime employment and hyperaware of the passage of time. Life is truly too short to continually put off doing what you want to do.

My mission is to help people find ways to manage their budgets so that they can save more money for retirement.


That could mean a better alternative to Or it could be something completely different. Since I’m applying Lean Startup to the process, it is too early for me to assume I know exactly what the solution is.

First, I need to get out of the building and talk to people about how well they feel they manage their money.

My plan is to blog weekly about my process to achieve product-market fit. This is for two reasons:

  1. To keep me on track
  2. To keep me from slipping into “stealth mode”


Tick Tock!

One reason that I’m working on this business now is that at the moment I’m a stay-at-home mom, so I have a squidge more time than I had when I was a working mom. But there’s still a limit to how long I can last without income. If I want to keep going, I’ll need strong evidence that the idea can get traction. I’m setting a deadline of September 1st to find a minimum viable product.


No “Stealth Mode”

I tend to have a strong fear that if I tell anyone about an idea, they’ll steal it before I can execute on it myself. But experts like Steve Blank advise entrepreneurs to eschew stealth mode and get out and talk to people. So, I am going to blog about my progress in order to force myself to stay transparent. My one source of comfort is a quote from someone I found on Quora: “Unless you already have a name in some industry your startup is automatically in stealth mode.”


Calling for Help

For this project, I want to talk to as many people as humanly possible. On my June action plan, I want to complete at least 20 customer interviews. Everyone uses money – some people are efficient and some people aren’t. I want to find out what works well for the first group and figure out how the second group can do it too. So if you are reading this, that means I want to talk to YOU. Shoot me an email at leslie van zee (all one word) at g mail.

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