Middle Class Pan Handling


I love the proliferation of entrepreneurial reality tv we have nowadays. Just what every startup founder needs to do in order to be successful: binge-watch a bunch of shows in which other people pitch their ideas and WIN MONEY from super rich investors.

Shark Tank is the granddaddy of these. It plays nightly at our house. The best moments are always when the entrepreneur is hesitating over whether or not to suck it up and take the miserly terms offered by the sharks. We get totally into it, shouting, “Take Marc Cuban’s offer, dumbass!” In case you ever go on the show, remember: Marc Cuban is the best. He has the most money, so if you get an offer from him, that’s like winning Double Jeopardy.

Now there are a bunch more ways to sit around pretending you know what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. The Apprentice (is that still on?). West Texas Investors Club. The Profit. Techstars. Make me a millionaire inventor. Bar Rescue. Kitchen Nightmares.

Spend lots of time studying the lessons these have to tell you. Take note of how they exemplify interpersonal communications at top volume. Absorb the formulas for success that they present. Learn to calculate ownership percentages at lightning speed so that you will be able to make split-second decisions about investment offers. These lessons will take you far, I’m sure.

Keep going


When you’re an entrepreneur, you may find that sometimes things just don’t seem to be working out the way you expected them to.
For example, you launch your website selling widgets for housewives, and those stupid housewives don’t visit your website.
The important thing to do is to keep going. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t try to stop and reexamine your strategy. Don’t change your product. Don’t change your marketing efforts.
And whatever you do, don’t call it quits.